"Freedom without wisdom is slavery in disguise/ Being secular minded will only hypnotize / Us who never realize / the price we pay to be memorized" -Iisroc.

Death By Plastic! Cancer In a water bottle and more! - The truth about plastic chemical BPA (Bisphenol A) MUST WATCH & REBLOG!

What will BPA do to you? Simple:

Lead to breast and prostate cancer, cause neurological, thyroid, and dopaminergic system issues, fetal developement, even obesity! HAH!

BPA contains a sythentic estrogen, a sex hormone that alters your hormones.

BPA is also endocrine disrupter, it alters sexual behavior!!

BPA is found in:

  • plastic bottles
  • food cans
  • food containers
  • soda cans
  • store receipts
  • printer money
  • cash money
  • dental amalgams & filling
  • baby formula containers
  • cosmetics / make up
  • name brand clothing!!

And lastly fuck the FDA for saying that BPA is completely safe! They dont give a shit about our good health.  They want us sick as hell so we can buy their drugs when we go to hospital and become more sick and dependant on their drugs! All they want is our $$$. They aint gettin shit from me!